Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bainghen to Wisques: VF-5

Abbaye St. Paul, Wisques
I left Bainghen with favorable, ie. no snow or wind, weather.  The 24 km of walking went well, though snow still covered areas of road.

  Went through several small villages including: Fouquesolles, Haute Ville, Quercamps, Boisdinghem, Zudausques and Leulinghem.

 Arrived at Abbaye St. Paul about 1:45.  Waited until 2:30 to ring the bell.  Stumbled through request for accommodation and the man put me in a small waiting room where I sat for 15 minutes.  A monk came in and led me to the chamber #12.  It is a decent room and bed.  After looking at the map and eating a bit of cheese and bread, I took a nap.  Woke up about 6:00 pm.  Decided to attend the evening repas at 7:30.  They ceremonially washed my hands and I sat at the guest table with 3 other elderly men.  The meal consisted of a cream soup flavoured with ginger, a simple cassarole with tomato sauce, a piece of Camembert cheese with lettuce, a piece of bread, and a bananna.  It was satisfying.  I observed the other monks briefly and they seemed normal enough.  One of the guests spoke English and translated a bit for me.  He asked where I was from and I said Germany.  Another man spoke German and asked me what city I lived and I said Cottbus.  I said as little as possible without being rude.  They told me about the 9:30 service.  The German speaking man mentioned something about a piece of paper which I didn't quite understand.  Anyway, I decided to not go to the service.  The French part would have been incomprehensible... So, I planned the day today and went to sleep about 9:30

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