Sunday, July 26, 2015

La Langa del Barolo

Looking at Barolo from La Morra
The Langhe ( Langa in Piedmont ) is a historical region of Piedmont, located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, neighbor with other historical regions of Piedmont, namely the Monferrato and Roero and consists of a large hill system defined by the rivers Tanaro, Belbo, Bormida Millesimo and Bormida di Spigno.

As one can see from the photo, this is wine country.   Barolo is considered to be one of leading wines produced here.  Barolo wine is described as having a "Garnet red color with orange reflections, the nose is intense and persistent, or with assets olfactory exceptionally complex, which tends to favor, depending on the state of evolution, fruity and floral notes like violet and vanilla or tertiary notes such as tar and spices.  In the mouth, the components "hard" (acidity, tannins, salts ) are nicely balanced by the "soft" ( alcohols and sugar alcohols ), with an exceptional intensity and persistence that make Barolo wine powerful, elegant and full of personality."

I have been living in Cherasco about 20 minutes away Barolo.  I have to admit that I feel very fortunate to live in such a great place.
Towards Novello from La Morra

Castello dei Marchesi Falletti - Barolo

View of the Tanaro and the Lange in the distance from the terrace of my residence
What I enjoy the most here is the ability to walk down the country road passing through open spaces, groves of nocciola and vigneti, completely out of time with urbanity and out of step with pretention. This is a place not only rooted in tradition, but grounded in quality.