Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Via Francigena: From Canterbury

New Plan.  Starting from Canterbury on March 7.  Why not attempt to do the whole Via Francigena?  The main constraint is that I have to return to Cottbus on April 8th for the next semester.   Here is the perhaps overly ambitious itinerary for the first phase.

Date Route Start End
08.03.2013 VF-1 Canterbury  Dover
09.03.2013 VF-2 Calais  Wissant
10.03.2013 VF-3 Wissant -  Guînes
11.03.2013 VF-4 Guînes -  Licques
12.03.2013 VF-5 Licques -  Wisques
13.03.2013 VF-6 Wisques -  Thérouanne
14.03.2013 VF-7 Thérouanne -  Auchy-au-Bois
15.03.2013 VF-8 Auchy-au-Bois -  Bruay-la-Buissière
16.03.2013 VF-9 Bruay-la-Buissière -  Arras

The key to this kind of adventure is savoir faire.  Adapt and thrive is the pilgrim's way, particularly since I cannot speak French.   No worries, just be prepared for the unexpected...  I will post updates as frequently as possible and keep a journal.  Adieu!  Bon voyage et au revoir.

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