Monday, November 7, 2011

Schloss Charlottenhof

Charlottenhof Palace is located southwest of Sanssouci Palace in Sanssouci Park at PotsdamGermany. It is most famous as the summer residence of Crown Prince Frederick William (later King Frederick William IV of Prussia).
The park area with its various buildings can be traced back to the 18th century. After it had changed hands several times, King Frederick William III of Prussia bought the land that borders the south of Sanssouci Park and gave it to his son Frederick William and his wife Elisabeth Ludovika for Christmas in 1825.
The Crown Prince charged the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel with the remodeling of an already existing farm house and the project was completed at low cost from 1826 through 1829. In the end, Schinkel, with the help of his student Ludwig Persius, built a small neo-classical palace on the foundations of the old farm house in the image of the old Roman villas.  

Pure, simple, elegant and graceful,  a modest palace in a charming and pastoral setting.

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