Friday, October 1, 2010

Dublin Central Bus Station

This 1953 building known as Busaras is one of the first postwar examples of the International Modern style in Europe.  The architectural team led by Michael Scott was strongly influenced by Le Corbusier's Maison Suisse in Paris.  Certainly for a bus station, this is an exceptional building.  The cantilevered canopy is wave contoured precast concrete and links the two office buildings together.  This building was very costly to build (over 1M) and incorporates detailing with mosaics, handmade bricks, assorted woods and stone.  The bronze glazing is similar to the Seagram Building's and was hip for its time, though it is need of restoration.  There is one glaring problem with the building that appears to a "bust" in its construction in that the elevation alignment of the left side wing glazing and the right side wing is off by a foot or so.  I don't think that this was intentional... but who knows.

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