Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hooper House II

Latitude: 39°23'8.45"N
Longitude: 76°38'45.23"W
Marcel Breuer's 1959 Hooper House is a gem of the Bauhaus legacy. Camouflaged along Lake Roland, the house goes unnoticed by the many trail walkers on the nearby path. I had to stealthily approach the house in order to get these pictures, which was fun, though I did at one point set off a motion sensor, that simply played music. Fortunately, no one was home. What a great house in a great location. This is a seven bedroom house, stables, an underground garage and maids' accomodations that is completely unpretentious and low key.

The fieldstone masonry is fantastic, and each stone seems to have been placed with a design intent  The large glass windows offer communion with the serene woodland setting.  The grounds seem to be both wild and maintained, just tame enough to offer a lawn, but not overly manicured.  The house is split into halves separated by a courtyard, within which is a full grown tree.  Very cool.

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